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Hurricane Season Tree Care

Tree care is especially important living in southwest Florida.  It's always a good idea to have your trees trimmed just in case mother nature decides to unleash a hurricane on our little piece of sunshine paradise. Trimming your trees can prevent unwanted damage to your property as well as keep your loved ones safe.   

Ganoderma - The Fatal Palm Fungus

Ganoderma is a fungus that is fatal to most palms.  Please note the mushroom shape fungus.  If your palm is infected by this fatal disease the only option is to have the palm  removed.  This disease can be spread from one palm to another through their root systems.  

Croton Care

Watch out for those scaly insects that like to live in your Crotons. If you look closely these little guys look like tiny bumps or new buds on your Crotons.  So, don't be fooled.  These Croton scales will damage your beautiful plant material if you don't nip this insect in the bud. 

These bugs will also affect Coco Plum, Fire Bush, Green Buttonwood, Sea Grape, Avocado, Guava and Mango trees.