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  • Happy Thanksgiving From Green Effex

    Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours.

  • It's a Good Time To Install Sod

    If you live in South West Florida then you know that it's the beginning of our rainy season.  Rainy season is the perfect time to install sod.  The rain helps the new sod roots become established, which helps to build a beautiful lawn for your future enjoyment.  






  • Landscape Renovation & New Installation

    Landscape Design & New Installation

    We value creativity and quality over anything else. We can work with a simple sketch or detailed plan and turn it into a beautiful display of plants and trees you will be proud to own.

    • Consultations
    • New Installation
    • Renewal
    • Florida Native
    • Sod Installation
    • Flowers & Mulch
  • Landscape Design By Green Effex

    Our Green Effex Landscape crew has been working hard at making our home base look amazing.  Great job boys.

  • Spring Blooms

    Check out these amazing flowers.  Hibiscus are always a great addition to any landscape project.