References & Testimonials

Quality service, friendly people

We have been using Green Effex LLC as our service provider for many years. They are always extremely helpful and attentive to our needs. The quality of their service is outstanding and they are extremly reliable. They will always respond to us in a very timely manner if we have something out of the ordinary that needs some attention. I can reccomend Green Effex without reservation to anyone that needs quality service, friendly people, and fast response time for all your needs.

Mike C.

Surpassing Expectations

Janet, (you Doug & John are a smooth running machine; ya'll are on great wavelengths and more than deliver as to meeting and surpassing my expectations; Shall be consistently be putting forth positive good words of mouth). John, y'all's head arborist is a might great and professional man, please m'am know just how much I appreciate Green Effex.
J. Marshall Duncan

A Happy Homeowner in Grey Oaks

The Green Effex Tree Company that you had trimmed our Palm trees did a great job in Avila and especially good for our home on Avila Lane. Thanks for contracting with good people.


The yard looks better than ever!

I have just gotten back from a short trip to Baltimore.  When I returned, I was struck with how good the yard looks.  When we first bought the house many of the plants were struggling and there were many bare patches.  Last year we had the white fly issue.  Right now the yard looks better than it ever has since we bought the house.  Thank you for your help and guidance.



The Green Effex Team is doing a great job. Our lawn / yard look the best it has in years.
John T. K.

The crew we have is fantastic!

Our lawn looks great and the crew we have is fantastic!  This crew works extremely hard and will do anything that Scarlett and I ask them to do. We would request that this crew continue to service our home.


Looks Like A Golf Course

I thanked your fertilizer man today for his great work. Our lawn looked terrible when you took over maintenance. Today it looks like a golf course.


Property Manager

You guys are always on my list to call. You really make me look good! Thanks



Just wanted to let you know that we are very pleased with the trimming George did last week. The crew did a very good job, and left no traces they were even here. Keep it up, and I may decide not to cover our yard in concrete. Thanks again.